First Line IT Support

  • IT Support
  • Schelle, Belgium

First Line IT Support

Job description

The First Line IT Support will provide support and will oversee complaints from our hackers/researchers with the goal of offering them the best possible service, including when things go sideways. You’ll be the voice and face of our community and will make sure that the whole team of Intigriti understands the drivers of their satisfaction & dissatisfaction. As we keep on growing as a company, so will your role.

Job requirements

Key Responsibilities as a First Line Support

  • Provide 1st line support for our growing community of hackers (mainly through Intercom)
  • Supplying hackers with test credentials, etc
  • Ensure the execution of our partially automated identity checks
  • Research and learning about your stakeholders, stay in contact with them on a regular basis, and log everything about them going from skills to …
  • Responding in a timely manner to different issues and requests in an adequate way and through various channels
  • As soon as you get more established in your role, you will get other responsibilities such as community management (social media, content creation, …)
  • Analyse current tools and solutions to make improvement and mitigate risk

Skills we are looking for

  • Two or more years of experience in providing IT-support is a plus
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Native Dutch & good proficiency in English (other languages is a plus)
  • Having a passion for connecting with people and diversity
  • Experience in being proactive when it comes to solving problems.
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, a related technical field or related experience in that field
  • Knowledge about ethical hacking, the community around it and bug bounties are a huge advantage

About us

Intigriti is a crowdsourced security platform where security researchers and companies meet. As an ethical hacking and bug bounty platform, we aim to identify and tackle vulnerabilities in a cost-efficient way. Our managed platform facilitates online security testing through collaborating with experienced researchers with a strong European focus. Together we can offer an endless stream of creativity that simulates possible security threats.

All prospective employees must pass a criminal record check